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Impact of proposed wind turbines on the South Shore

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The process of building the Ostrander Wind Energy Park and the White Pines Wind Project – driving heavy equipment back-and-forth, excavating foundations, and building access roads and other infrastructure – would destroy many hectares of habitat on which the wildlife of the South Shore depends.

The ongoing operation of the industrial wind turbines proposed for these projects would kill unacceptable and potentially unsustainable numbers of birds on the South Shore. Everyone agrees that turbines kill birds. The South Shore, however, is on a major migratory flyway and therefore sees more birds every year – hundreds of thousands more – than most other wind farm sites. Bird deaths would be much higher in Prince Edward County’s South Shore IBA.

 The fragile ecosystem of the South Shore would be disturbed and in large part destroyed, to the detriment of its rare alvar vegetation, numerous Species at Risk, migratory birds, bats and other flora and fauna.


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