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The immediate threat

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Prince Edward County’s South Shore from Point Petre to Point Traverse, including the entire Long Point Peninsula, is an internationally recognized Important Bird Area (IBA).  This IBA provides essential habitat for numerous bird species and other wildlife, including Species at Risk.

Gilead Power Corp. is seeking Ontario government approval for an industrial wind turbine facility, the Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park, in the middle of the IBA; nine 133 – meter high turbines, crane pads, foundations, a substation, electrical lines and over 5 km of roads.

Under Environment Canada at guidelines for assessing the effect of wind turbines on birds, this site is at the highest level for both the site sensitivity and level of concern.

 Notice of another proposed wind facility, wpd Canada Corp.’s White Pines Wind Project includes 12 turbines in the IBA and seven just north of it.

 The South Shore Conservancy believes industrial wind projects in the IBA would do massive, ongoing and irreparable harm to the wildlife of theSouth Shore.


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