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Judge orders wind farm in Spain to be demolished

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According to a May 17, 2011 report filed on National Wind Watch,  “a judge has ordered that most of a 33 windmill wind farm be demolished in Lleida, considering that the municipal licence awarded for its construction to be null.

The wind farm is in the Sierra del Tallat, and the order to demolish comes following the complaint from the protest group ‘Salvem El Tallat’, They criticised the visual impact of the windmills and their effect on migratory birds, and notes an environmental study from Barcelona University which declares the sierra to be important.

The Town Hall in Vallbona de les Monges has now been ordered to return the land to its original state.

The farm started to generate 49.5 MW of power from its 80m high windmills at the end of 2007 after an investment of 50 million, and the company concerned says it will appeal to the Catalan High Court.”

The South Shore Conservancy is working to save our important IBA, National Wilderness Park and Monarch Butterfly Reserve from industrial wind turbine development.  It must be heartening to for other communities who are already struggling with bird and bat kills from turbines to hear that extreme measures can be undertaken.

Turbines that kill too many birds can be decommissioned

From Wind Turbines and Birds: A Guidance Document for Environmental Assessment March 2006 V. 6 Environment Canada/ Canadian Wildlife Service

“Adaptive Measures 11.0

Unanticipated adverse effects may require special mitigation strategies which could include a range of options to be developed under each specific circumstance. For example, if disturbance effects are found to be greater than anticipated, and various mitigation strategies prove unsuccessful, other options could include encouraging the proponent to purchase and then protect (with conservation easement or other method) a parcel of land of similar size and habitat type, and within the same general region. In extreme cases, if a wind farm results in high collision rates and/or is killing unacceptable numbers of species at risk, and all other mitigation options have been unsuccessful, it may be necessary to deactivate and remove the turbine(s) responsible.” (Italics added for emphasis)

Let’s not wait until the South Shore wildlife, including endangered species like Blanding’s Turtles and Whip-poor-will are killed.  Join the rally on Friday May 20 to send MPP Leona Dombrowsky a personal message to keep wind turbines away from these special places. Remember to email your comments to protest Gilead’s request to “kill, harm and harrass” our endangered species to Paula Norlock at and quote ER number 011-3181 in the subject line.


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