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South Shore IBA may become National Park

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The possibility of creating a national park on the south shore of Prince Edward County  has been discussed with Daryl Kramp, MP Prince Edward-Hastings.  We are heartened to learn that Mr. Kramp has already begun raising this possibility in his caucus before parliament adjourns for the summer.

A national park that encompasses the South Shore Important Bird Area would mean that federal protection was finally available for the wildlife and their habitat, for the rare alvar vegetation and for all of the flora and fauna that inhabit this fragile ecosystem on one of the longest undeveloped stretches of shoreline on the lower Great Lakes.  This would also afford much-needed protection for the hundreds of thousands of migratory birds that use the south shore as a stopover during spring and fall migrations. 

 We are very eager to pursue this and will update members as more information becomes available. 

 We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who responded to the EBR 011-3181 posting and remind those that have not that the closing date is June 9th.

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