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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Wolfe Island wind turbines kill 3,800 bats annually

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Trans Alta’s 86 industrial wind turbines on Wolfe Island are responsible for 1,500 bird and 3,800 bat casualties per year, says Ted Cheskey of Nature Canada in an article by journalist Richard Blackwell.

 In “Call to reduce wind farm bird, bat deaths” which appeared in the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business section Wednesday August 3, 2011, Cheskey states the mortality rates are “consistently high” and recommends that Trans Alta shut the turbines down during migration season.

 Blackwell also notes that Nature Canada calls the Wolfe Island wind turbines “among the most destructive of wildlife in North America.

Read the rest of Blackwell’s article.

SSC supports Point to Point PEC

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There is a lot happening right now but first we would like to say a bit about what is not happening in terms of Ostrander Point. 

What has not happened as yet is that nothing has been posted in regards to Gilead Power Corporation by the Ontario government.  No one is sure as to what that means.   Has the disapproval and outrage expressed by major naturalist groups and well known very knowledgeable naturalists from various fields been taken into account by the Liberals?  Has there been a change of heart as a result of the flood of letters from PEC and the rest of Ontario?  Is it the upcoming October 9 election?  Or could all of these factors as well as factors yet unknown played a role?

While our efforts to speak out against this profoundly ill-conceived project may be having some effect on the government, unfortunately Gilead is still moving ahead with their plans.   We are aware that Gilead has recently purchased a parcel of land near their project which they hope will be part of their mitigation plan or (in their words) “the habitat preservation, rehabilitation and / or improvement of Blanding’s Turtle and Whip-poor-will.” 

We need to be prepared for whatever comes.  One of the next steps is to obtain a report from a well known ecologist on the impact of industrial wind turbines in Ostrander and indeed in the whole South Shore IBA. The report will be focused on the wildlife that inhabits the area, including migrating populations.  We plan to submit the report to the government and we will make use of it later if/when legal action becomes necessary.   

A few other things to tell you about… 

The SSC was invited last week to give input to the County’s Official Plan
Review.  As the Economic Development office focuses on the financial growth of the County, we explained how promoting Prince Edward County’s unique natural environment and wildlife would benefit all aspects of the community.  Family excursions, bird watchers, photographers, and artists are just a few of the eco-friendly visitors we could attract.

When the Official Plan Review Draft is posted, input from individuals will
be accepted. We will let you know as soon as this document appears so you can voice your own opinions.
We would also like to bring your attention to a new website  Point to Point PEC is working with us to protect the South Shore.  SSC thus endorses Point to Point PEC’s goals.  We hope that you will go to their web site and vote for the kind of south shore you want: one where the natural environment is respected or one given over to industrial wind turbines.

As many of you have seen, Gilead’s newspaper ads are asking people to send an e-blast of letters to Leona Dombrowsky in favour of the Ostrander Point Wind Park. Gilead’s website enables anyone to send any number of letters to Dombrowsky as long as they use different e-mail addresses. This will inflate the numbers of letters Dombrowsky receives when in actuality only a small number of individuals may have sent letters.  Point to Point’s sophisticated voting system, on the other hand, allows only one vote per IP address.  Names and addresses are being collected so the vote is verifiable and the information can be used in a fashion similar to a petition.  So please vote and please encourage everyone you know who cares about the future of the south shore to vote as well.