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Department of National Defence EA Report for Ostrander Point

Due Diligence Environmental Assessment Screening Report for the Proposed EO Assessment and Clearance in Ostrander Point , Prince Edward County by the Department of National Defense March 2011

The South Shore Conservancy hosted a successful press conference this morning.  Most impressive was the number of people who attended, given the extremely short notice.  As well as four members of the local press, Leona Dombrowski, Todd Smith and Treat Hull were there with Michael McMahon representing the NDP candidate.

Garth Manning, an SSC member and a former Queen’s Counsel during his illustrious legal career, stood in for our legal council, Charles Birchall, whose letter is attached.   We were fortunate to have Garth with us.

 Many of the documents from the press package will appear on our site, including the Department of National Defense document;  below. Please note that it is a 40 page document for those with limited internet access.

 Thanks for all your support!

20110322 Ostrander Point EA Signed


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