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Postive response to South Shore Conservancy’s press conference

 To date we have only had positive responses to our press conference and to our media release.  The local media outlets that covered last Wednesday’s event at Milford Hall include the Belleville Intelligencer,CountyLiveand the Kingston Whig Standard.  As this is still breaking news we expect to see more coverage over the ensuing weeks. We do not expect that all of it will be positive but this has certainly been a good start. 

In County Weekly News this week Parker Gallant (Bloomfield) pointed out that the blade sweep area of a 1.5 MW GE turbine is almost a full acre.  Gilead Power’s 2.5 MG XL (Extra-Large) turbines each have a blade sweep of 1.9 acres.  Gilead’s nine wind turbines at Ostrander Point would have a total sweep area of over seventeen acres.  The spectre of turbine blades moving at 165 mph and covering over seventeen acres of sky at Ostrander Point, directly in the way of critical flight paths and a major migratory route is a horrifying prospect.  

SSC’s goal is to protect the IBA and to not repeat the ugly example set at WolfeI sland where wind turbines have scored the most fatalities on the eastern side of North America. Last Wednesday’s Press Conference was an important first step in gaining protection for our South Shore IBA.


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