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Monthly Archives: October 2011

MPP Todd Smith’s letter to Natural Resources Minister

Press release from the office of Todd Smith, MPP:

The new Member of Provincial Parliament for Prince Edward-Hastings has started his legislative work by writing Natural Resources Minister Michael Gravelle with regard to the proposed Industrial Wind Farm at Ostrander Point in Prince Edward County.

 During the campaign, the proposed Industrial Wind Farm was a major issue in Prince Edward County and was the focus of many campaign events including a press conference by a former Queen’s Counsel outlining the position of the South Shore Conservancy.

 “Since my office has opened, the number one topic of correspondence with constituents in the riding has been the proposed Wind Farm inPrinceEdwardCounty.” Smith stated. “The people of Prince Edward County feel like their right to have their voice heard is being taken away. They want Queen’s Park to know that they object to having these wind turbines forced on them without the approval of their local government.” 

 In the letter, Smith congratulated Minister Gravelle on his new portfolio and added that he hoped to have the chance to express the feelings of his constituents in Prince Edward County on this issue.

Contact Todd Smith by email or phone:

Todd Smith, MPP ~ Phone: 613-962-1144 ~ Email:  Twitter @ToddSmithPC

 Read Mr. Smith’s letter to the Minister of Natural Resources Read the rest of this entry


CBC The National reports on turbine threat to birds at Ostrander Point

On Wednesday October 5, the CBC National News team was at Ostrander Point and the Observatory and filmed a Sharp-shinned hawk (Accipiter striatus) caught and banded. Accipiters are small to medium-sized hawks known for their swift flight. This CBC News video  is now available through our online link. 

The CBC has made a major shift in it’s stance toward wind turbines and their relationship to health and property values.  We hope this broadcast  indicates a more pro-active position in their reports about the environmental risks of industrial wind turbines.

The story angle examines the rift between different environmental groups and includes a brief statement from a Gilead Power representative, who vows to shut down the industrial wind turbines if bird deaths occur.  As the CBC notes that the south shore IBA is a major migratory flyway, no doubt Gilead’s turbines will barely run at all.

If this is the case,  perhaps the proposal for installing IWTs in this sensitive area should be abandoned altogether.

Liberal Leona Dombrowsky defeated in Prince Edward-Hastings

Conservative Todd Smith has been elected as the new MPP for Prince Edward County, defeating incumbent Liberal Minister of Education Leona Dombrowsky, a three-time cabinet minister.  According to, Smith won by a margin of over 3,000 votes.

Wind Concerns Ontario  (WCO) members campaigned against and defeated a number of rural Liberal MPPs including Minister of Agriculture Carol Mitchell (Huron Bruce); Minister of Environment (lead Ministry on the Green Energy Act) John Wilkinson (Perth-Wellington) and Minister of Education Leona Dombrowsky (Prince Edward Hasting).

John Laforet, head of WCO  and a vocal supporter of South Shore conservationists, says that Dalton McGuinty’s mandate to govern Ontario has been dramatically curtailed by the grassroots opposition to his industrial wind strategy.

Though we are unsure how this new government will address the placement of industrial wind turbines in environmentally sensitive areas like the south shore, we will continue to press for political support at all levels.

BBC industrial wind turbine documentary on TVO

The North American premiere of a four-part documentary series Blown Apart:Windfarm Wars begins Sunday October 9, 2011 at 8 pm ET on TVO. 

Directed by Jeremy Gibson and produced by Sevenstones Media for BBC, this timely four-part documentary series examines what happens when a wind farm of nine 120-metre high turbines is planned to be built on a sensitive English landscape. Filmed over four turbulent years, the series reveals a deeply divided community and explores in candid and intimate detail a story that goes to the very heart of the question of renewable energy, our attitudes towards it and the future for on-shore wind power.

Of special interest to naturalists will be the focus on the impact to bird populations and the destruction of scenery.  Don’t miss this new and controversial documentary.

Comment and vote on CBC News wind turbine poll

A recent CBC story has raised serious concerns about noise from industrial wind turbines and resulting lower property values.  Many comments on their webpage have been critical of the facts they reported. In response, the CBC has set up a poll:

 The question is: “Would you live next to wind turbines?”

Unfortunately, the CBC article does not address the serious environmental damage caused by irresponsibly placed industrial wind turbines, such as the ones proposed for Ostrander Point. 

However, we do have an opportunity to comment as well as to vote, and this may provide the CBC with an impetus to cover the environmental aspects of IWTs, including the disappearance  of short eared owls from their former breeding  grounds on Wolfe Island.

Please comment and vote as soon as possible.  You can also contact the writers at and