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MPP Todd Smith’s letter to Natural Resources Minister

Press release from the office of Todd Smith, MPP:

The new Member of Provincial Parliament for Prince Edward-Hastings has started his legislative work by writing Natural Resources Minister Michael Gravelle with regard to the proposed Industrial Wind Farm at Ostrander Point in Prince Edward County.

 During the campaign, the proposed Industrial Wind Farm was a major issue in Prince Edward County and was the focus of many campaign events including a press conference by a former Queen’s Counsel outlining the position of the South Shore Conservancy.

 “Since my office has opened, the number one topic of correspondence with constituents in the riding has been the proposed Wind Farm inPrinceEdwardCounty.” Smith stated. “The people of Prince Edward County feel like their right to have their voice heard is being taken away. They want Queen’s Park to know that they object to having these wind turbines forced on them without the approval of their local government.” 

 In the letter, Smith congratulated Minister Gravelle on his new portfolio and added that he hoped to have the chance to express the feelings of his constituents in Prince Edward County on this issue.

Contact Todd Smith by email or phone:

Todd Smith, MPP ~ Phone: 613-962-1144 ~ Email:  Twitter @ToddSmithPC

 Read Mr. Smith’s letter to the Minister of Natural Resources

Queen’s Park


 The Hon. Michael Gravelle, MPP

Minister of Natural Resources

 Open Letter to the Minister of Natural Resources

 Dear Minister,

             I would like start by congratulating you on your appointment as Minister of Natural Resources. I hope that in the coming legislative sessions I will have the opportunity to work with you on the behalf of my constituents in Prince Edward-Hastings.

             Over the course of the recent election campaign, I had the opportunity to listen to the feelings of my constituents in Prince Edward County regarding the proposed Industrial Wind Farm at Ostrander Point. The opposition to the installation of wind turbines in the county has been vocal, consistent and growing over the time since the Wind Farm was first proposed.

             At the Prince Edward County Council meeting on October the 11th, members of Council adopted Committee of the Whole Motion 442-2011 which states that:

 “THAT the Council of the County of Prince Edward support the idea, in principle, of Point to Point PEC Foundation’s proposal for a National Park and National Marine Conservation Area for the South Shore, Main Duck and False Duck Islands of Prince Edward County…”

 It is my belief from my discussions with municipal political figures as well as the residents of Prince Edward County and their overwhelming correspondence with my office that the final decision for the placement of the proposed Wind Farm, must and, in fact, should rest with the Council of the County of Prince Edward.

             A third party group – Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County – has also contacted my office with information that a similar project was abandoned in the riding of Thunder Bay – Atikokan after intervention from the Ministry of Natural Resources to protect endangered birds of prey. A similar case exists in Prince Edward County where the proposed development stands in the path of a major migratory flyway.

            As decisions are made whether to go ahead with the proposed installation of Industrial Wind Turbines along the South Shore of Prince Edward County, I would hope that the precedents previously established by the Ministry of Natural Resources would be taken into consideration, particularly with the regard to the rather strenuous objection of the Council of the County of Prince Edward and the endangering of migratory birds.

             I look forward to discussing this issue with you and conveying the concerns of my constituents. If the government does not answer their concerns in a way that they find satisfactory I will continue to argue for their position until a resolution which incorporates their opinion and the opinion of their democratically elected municipal council can be reached.

 Thank you for your attention to this very important matter and once again, congratulations on your appointment.


Todd Smith, MPP

Prince Edward-Hastings

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