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Post-election updates from South Shore Conservancy

After a quiet post-election period wind turbine issues are in the news again! Here’s what the South Shore Conservancy has been doing lately:

  •  Sent a letter to Chris Bentley, the new Minister of Energy, formally requesting a meeting with Mr. Bentley and his senior staff to discuss the urgent and known risks from the construction and operation of industrial  wind turbines to endangered species, species at risk, bird and bat migration and wildlife habitat. 
  • Met with Todd Smith MPP at Mr. Smith’s invitation to discuss the serious risks to birds, bats and wildlife on the south shore.  SSC forwarded Mr. Smith the Notice of Commencement for the WPD project and the Bern Report 2003 on risks to migrating birds from industrial wind turbines. 
  • Sent a letter to the David Suzuki Foundation: SSC has requested the Suzuki Foundation, as one of the founding members of the Green Energy Act Alliance, to advocate for protection for the PEC IBA and for all IBAs inOntario. The Green Energy Act Alliance supports Ontario Nature’s proposal to exclude turbine development in and around IBAs as well as known flyways and corridors for birds and near-shore wetlands. 
  • Sent a letter to White Pines Development’s German parent company, WPD AG and their major stakeholder Stadtwerke Munchen:  SSC had learned from WPD’s website that they follow restrictions supported by the European Union and do not build wind projects in IBAs or other environmentally-sensitive areas in Europe. We requested the intervention of the parent company to protect our IBA.

 We continue to protect our south shore by:

  1. Monitoring Ostrander Point for any sign of unapproved activity by Gilead Power on the site.  We also continue to monitor the status of Gilead’s application.  SSC also is aware of activity related to the White Pines project such as clearing for test areas etc.
  2. Requesting a letter from Nature Conservancy of Canada confirming the need to protect the south shore from industrial wind development.
  3. Supporting Federal senator Bob Runciman’s news conference in Ottawa on November 28 which will call for a moratorium on industrial wind developments along the north-eastern shore of the Lake Ontario migratory bird path. 
  4. Initiating contact with our Mohawk community.  Recently in Hagersville,Ontario, Grand Renewable Energy Park Hagersville (Samsung) received a Cease and Desist Order from First Nations in order to protect hunting, fishing, and environmental rights.  SSC plans to share this information with First Nations in PEC to inform them of this current event.

The SSC believes that the action taken by the Province to waive approval under the Protected Species Act for clearing of ecologically-sensitive habitat of endangered species and species at risk at Ostrander Point was and is against their own laws.  The legal opinion which was sought by SSC is an excellent resource and has been sent to a number of Queen’s Park and federal representatives.  

Our goal is always to ensure the protection of the South Shore. Therefore, depending on how the new legislature decides to deal with our environmental concerns, this potential action continues to be an arrow in our quiver.

 If you have not done so we invite you to see the recently aired video from CBC-TV The National regarding Ostrander Point and the wind turbine issue.  

 Thanks to all who continue to join with South Shore Conservancy in this struggle.


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