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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Sign our Save the Blanding’s Turtle petition               

The beautiful Blanding’s Turtle is an Endangered Species that happens to still have a wonderfully safe, natural home at Ostrander Point on the south shore of Prince Edward County. However, their home and mere survival are now at serious risk.

 They need your help to protect them from a permit to KILL, HARM and HARASS them and to DESTROY their habitat and it’s free!

 Just click on the web address and follow the very simple instructions.  It’s easy as 1,2,3! Please support this important cause.                                               
DEADLINE is Sunday Feb 19 2012!


Wind turbine companies avoid calls from waterfowl expert

From an exclusive to Wind Concerns Ontario:

Scientist  and Executive Director of  Long Point Waterfowl, Dr. Scott Petrie, says that after years of trying to encourage the corporate wind power development industry to do the right thing to protect important bird habitats in Ontario, the companies are now not only refusing to cooperate, they’re not even returning his calls.

Dr. Petrie was particularly involved with AIM PowerGen prior to the Green Energy Act, providing advice on industrial wind turbine (IWT) placement at the company’s project at Long Point. “At first, they were very cooperative,” he says, “even moving some turbine locations when they heard my concerns. But then along came the Green Energy Act, the associated competition for business, and the completely inadequate guidelines to protect birds and bats. We have a completely different situation today.”

Scientist, university professor says: “some of the worst possible places for wind projects”

The situation, Petrie says, is that some areas where turbine developments are being constructed and planned are, as he says, “the worst possible places to put a wind power project.” He says that avian and bat mortality rates at improperly placed wind farms are unacceptable. He also says that wind turbine developers and the government have ignored the fact that there will be cumulative ecological impacts associated with placing thousands of wind turbines on the landscape and in the lakes. As a Waterfowl Ecologist, Petrie is particularly concerned that wind turbines are being placed within critically important habitats and on migratory routes with no regard for avian displacement. “When you place a turbine in or very close to critical habitats, and birds subsequently avoid those areas, it is tantamount to habitat loss, and we have already lost 85 per cent of our Great Lake’s coastal wetlands.”   

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