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Fraser report critical of Ontario wind policy

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 Ontario consumers will pay $285 million more annually for residential electricity and Canada could lose 41,000 full-time-equivalent jobs over a 20-year period due to Ontario’s subsidization of renewable energy, concludes a new study from the Fraser Institute, Canada’s leading public policy think-tank.

The calculations for the residential sector are based on a Statistics Canada analysis using its Interprovincial Input-Output Model, commissioned by the Fraser Institute.

Gerry Angevine is a Fraser Institute senior economist and co-author of A Sensible Strategy for Renewable Electrical Energy, which analyzes the economics of technologies used to generate electricity, associated technical issues, and, using Ontario’s feed-in-tariff program as a case study, some of the broader effects that renewable energy policies might have on the North American economy.

Read more of this eye-opening  study at Folly of Ontario’s renewable energy program

If the Ontario government won’t protect our wildife, perhaps this report will encourage it to protect jobs and consumers.

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