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You can help stop these projects by joining the South Shore Conservancy (SSC). The SSC is a not-for-profit organization working hard to try to keep industrial wind projects out of Prince Edward County’s south shore Important Bird Area.

A further goal of the SSC is to have all Important Bird Areas officially declared off limits to industrial wind projects. For further information, to join (membership fees: $10 individual; $15 family) or to make a donation, please email:

You can also find us on Facebook.

Thank you for your much-needed support!

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  1. Catherine Kellendonk

    Please review the following community wind project design which has been published openly on the internet, as I think that it may have the potential to supplant commercial wind turbines because it produces more electricity from the wind and requires a significantly lower capital investment, while not endangering birds or animals.

    The merits of the new wind project, are that it will not only save the government money related to start up costs, but will make local governments a significant return by paying for itself in three years and thereafter providing free or sale-able electricity, and with respect to the construction process, employ local suppliers and provide thousands of local trades jobs during the economic downturn. The technology may be affordable even for some of the poorest countries.

    The technology is a large, concrete, wind collection system, and the inventor, an American nuclear physicist, Carl Johnson, has posted the design information and calculations for his project online, to demonstrate mathematically, how his system makes better use of the power in the wind to produce significantly more electricity than current windmill technologies. It has an estimated maintenance free life of at least 40 years as opposed to other’s current 25 years, as it uses off the shelf automotive mechanical parts, such that the mechanical unit has only 1 moving part as opposed to the 800 moving parts of commercial windmills.

    Mr. Johnson’s calculations from publicly available wind farm performance records of existing technologies show that while manufacturers of commercial wind turbines advertise their expected ‘optimal output’ in ‘optimal wind conditions’, their production records show that their ‘actual’ performance is 1/5th of the promoted optimal performance, because they have to be turned off when the wind is too high or too low or while being repaired. He uses public electricity records from a large wind farm in Texas to show how that project’s lengthy amortization of the government’s billion dollar investment (from their actual recorded performance at only 1/20th the advertised expected optimal performance), will extend far beyond the expected life of the turbines themselves. Mr. Johnson’s system is always on, producing electricity from any wind, is significantly less expensive to build, and the total investment is largely comprised of local wages and materials. He calculates the output from his system in an understated way to ensure that his system will produce electricity in excess of the promoted ‘actual’ output figure, and he will take no money for the use of his design until after the system is producing electricity as advertised.

    I don’t know of another community wind project that has the same potential to provide the world with large scale, affordable green power, while at the same time providing local jobs and keeping money in the community, and which would attract private investment without government assistance, to provide communities with electricity. This type of project, if duplicated in enough communities around the world, may reduce the need for the development of more nuclear plants.

    Sincerely, Catherine Kellendonk (403) 938-1662

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