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Ontario govt’ posts Ostrander Point wind project to Environmental Registry

Although the day did not begin well – the Ontario government posted the Ostrander Point project to the Environmental Registry – it has ended on a much happier note with the Canadian Senate backing a motion by Senator Bob Runciman for the province of Ontario to institute a moratorium on wind farm development along eastern Lake Ontario until the impact on birds and bats can be studied. The Senate backed Senator Runciman’s motion unanimously. 

SSC thanks all of the people who worked hard behind the scenes to make this happen, some of whom are SSC members themselves. Special mention must be made of one of SSC’s board members, Beth Harrington.   

As APPEC Chair Henri Garand has pointed out, although the motion is not binding on the Ontario government, it legitimizes the concerns expressed by APPEC, South Shore Conservancy, Prince Edward County Field Naturalists, Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory, Ontario Nature, and Nature Canada, as well as scores of Ontario citizens.  For the first time a government body has validated our concerns, which have only continued to mount in the face of mindless proliferation of wind turbines in our province.   

 The Senate’s overwhelming show of support could not have come at a better time 

As we go into this comment period we will continue to draw strength from events such as those that occurred today and of course from each other.  

 The posting allows for a 60 day comment period that will end January 29, 2012.


Survey on McGuinty green energy & FIT program

The OAC (McGuinty Government) wants your input on the FIT program and other aspects of clean/green energy.  While some of the questions seem to require technical answers and a thorough reading of government propaganda, you can tell them what you honestly think about turbines and how you believe they will affect the South Shore. There are no right or wrong answers – what counts are your opinions.

 This type of survey usually attracts comments from non-rural people and those who have little understanding of the threats industrial wind turbines pose to fragile wildlife habitation and migrating species. It is important that we express our opinions as well.

If you have not already done so, you can also write to our three new Ministers about this survey and express your concerns about the Gilead Power and White Pines Development industrial wind projects in the South Shore. 

Hon.  Jim Bradley, Minister of the Environment

 Hon. Christopher Bentley, Minister of Energy

 Hon. Michael Gravelle, Minister of Natural Resources

Windfall documentary now on TV 

Last May APPEC and CCSAGE screened the Laura Israel documentary Windfall at the Regent Theatre.  The film is an excellent American version of the BBC series Blown Apart, except it has a happier ending.   If you missed it at the Regent or want to encourage friends to take a look, note that Windfall will have its Canadian television premiere on CBC’s specialty channel Documentary.   Check your Bell, Rogers or Shaw Direct listings for this subscription channel. 

 Windfall airs Sunday, November 6 at 8 p.m.  If you are in the GTA Windfall airs on Nov 7.  Click on the link below for other viewing times:

Department of National Defence EA Report for Ostrander Point

Due Diligence Environmental Assessment Screening Report for the Proposed EO Assessment and Clearance in Ostrander Point , Prince Edward County by the Department of National Defense March 2011

The South Shore Conservancy hosted a successful press conference this morning.  Most impressive was the number of people who attended, given the extremely short notice.  As well as four members of the local press, Leona Dombrowski, Todd Smith and Treat Hull were there with Michael McMahon representing the NDP candidate.

Garth Manning, an SSC member and a former Queen’s Counsel during his illustrious legal career, stood in for our legal council, Charles Birchall, whose letter is attached.   We were fortunate to have Garth with us.

 Many of the documents from the press package will appear on our site, including the Department of National Defense document;  below. Please note that it is a 40 page document for those with limited internet access.

 Thanks for all your support!

20110322 Ostrander Point EA Signed

County council endorses field naturalists’ deputation

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Myrna Wood and Cheryl Anderson made a deputation to Council for PECFN regarding comments to the Ministry of Natural Resources regarding Species at Risk habitat at Ostrander Point. They asked that their deputation be received and “That council endorse the comments of Prince Edward County Field Naturalists to the Ministry” … regarding the above.

The deputation was received unanimously and the endorsement was supported by all except MacDonald, Forrester and Marisett. Since the total council was present that made it 13 to 3. Truly an exceptional endorsement! We can all be proud of our council for supporting our South Shore IBA and for the number of councillors who spoke strongly in support beginning with Lunn and Quaiff and including our mayor.