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The Prince Edward County South Shore Conservancy (SSC) is committed to protecting the flora, fauna and habitats encompassed by the South Shore Important Bird Area (IBA). The IBA includes species at risk, both breeding and migratory.


The SSC was established in 2001 as an incorporated not for profit company to protect the biodiversity of the County’s South Shore. The SSC strives to ensure that only appropriate development occurs in the area so that its natural state sustains indefinitely the habitat and species found there.


* High density of birds (over 300 species including 36 species of Warblers) during spring migration

* Waterfowl staging area for globally significant numbers of Long-tailed Duck, White-winged Scoter and Greater Scaup

* Breeding territory for over 50 species of birds

* Breeding territory for Species at Risk including Blanding’s Turtle, Common Musk Turtle, Whip-poor-will, Short-eared Owl, Least Bittern, King Rail, Black Tern and several species of declining insectivores

* Fall migration area for passerines and raptors including unequalled numbers of Northern Saw-whet Owls, and for bats and dragonflies

* Globally rare vegetation communities (alvars)

* Specialized habitats (i.e. woodland amphibian breeding) 

* One of the longest remaining undeveloped stretches of shoreline on the lower Great Lakes


The IBA program is an international initiative to identify, conserve and monitor a worldwide network of sites that provide essential habitat for bird populations. Each IBA is identified using criteria that are internationally agreed upon and scientifically defensible. The PEC South Shore IBA is a key part of one of the two most important routes in Ontario for migrating birds.


The organizations listed below have stated they could not support industrial wind turbines on Prince Edward Point, Ostrander Point and in similar locations.

* Bird StudiesCanada                                     * Prince Edward County Field Naturalists

* Ducks Unlimited Canada                               * Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory

*Lake Ontario Waterkeeper                           * World Wildlife Fund Canada

* Nature Canada                                   * American Birding Association

* Nature Conservancy Canada               * National Audubon Society, US

*Ontario Nature                                    * US Fish and Wildlife Services


The Ontario Government, despite strong cautions from many of the above organizations, is on track to allow Gilead Power to proceed with their plan to erect industrial wind turbines in the IBA. Both construction and operation of turbines will cause irreversible damage to a significant number of the species and habitats in the IBA.

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