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Vote in July 2012 latest CBC poll on Wind Turbine Moratorium

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From News July 19, 2012

Opponents of wind turbines cheered last week when Health Canada announced it would study the effects turbine noise may have on human health.

Turbines in Essex and Chatham-Kent counties in southwestern Ontario have become a fact of life. In Chatham-Kent alone, for example, there could be more than 500 turbines turning by 2014.

But not if Chatham-Kent Progressive Conservative MPP Rick Nicholls has anything to say about it. He and his party want a moratorium on the development of wind farms while Ottawa completes its study.

Vote now!


Vote on CountyLive’s Wind Turbine Poll

A poll has recently opened up on CountyLive’s website   There are three choices to vote on: 

·         NO, wind turbines should NOT be part of PEC

·         MAYBE, with research on health, location and long-term issues.

·         YES, wind turbines should BE part of PEC

The poll is located on the right-hand side of the webpage.

Given the timing of the poll we can be sure that Gilead Power Corporation’s Wind Energy Project at Ostrander Point is the motivating factor for it.  We can’t afford to ignore this opportunity to send out a definitive message that Prince Edward County’s south shore Important Bird Area is a no-go zone for industrial wind turbines.   Please vote and send emails to others asking them to vote.   We do not know how long this poll will be open so please vote now while you still can.